Safety, not Challenge

This morning I learned something about my life.

Almost the whole time when I look myself in my current position and in my current office,  I feel so bad.  There are lot of differences that I complain of: a big decrease of the amount of the salary, a routine daily work instead of goal-achieve activities, being a junior instead of in a senior position like what I used to,  a no-challenge work, an idle-situation, an un-creative and un-productive environment, and many more.

I spoke to almost every person I met, of how miserable my working life now.  This morning someone reply me this: If I am not married, I will leave this country and try my luck abroad.  I am sure I will success! But, having a family change my priority and my life.  Now, I am not looking for challenge, I am looking for safety.

I could not easily agree with that statement.  Yet, it made me see my situation in a more positive view.  I promised myself, this posting will be the last time I complain of my work. Welcome to a better day!


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