Bind to Favorite









I bet, upon seeing the above picture, you are thinking that I am about to post about friendship.  Or maybe about how the groups grow from the last time we met. 

No, it is not!

I am not kind of person who like to have a lot of things ~~perhaps except lots of love.. :D~~ From year to year the number of clothing I had is the same, though I bought new one.  But, I always have a favorite.  A favorite blouse, sneakers, dress and other.  This time, I found mate in this pair of trousers.  I bought it in a factory outlet in Bogor for a reasonable price.  It is comfortable to wear, makes me looks casual yet but still in style and I love it! 

When I pack for my trip to Singapore, I search among not-so-much stack of clothes in the closets but I could not find it. I tried to ask the servant, who say no even before I finish saying my question ~~oooohh…how I hateee those servant’s behavior…many servants I had ever will say no before even heard the question completely or even before she took another breath…gee~~ Nowhere I could find it!  So I lost it!

Last time I wore it is when I attend this girls-night-out in Chili Padi.


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