What’s In the Name – 1

Ever notice that the story mostly titled: Caleb and Joshua?  Not Joshua and Caleb?

Many bible reader agree that Caleb is the center of the brave story of two Israelite’s spies.  Caleb and Joshua stand against the other ten spies who gave a discouraging news about Canaan.  Caleb and Joshua are God’s favors.  Joshua became the leader of the Israel, and Caleb given Hebron.

Then, many parents named their boys Caleb.  In matter of fact Caleb actually means: dog.  Many parents named their girls Rachel and Leah.  In matter of fact those words means ox and cow.

I browse around to find out what my name means.  I do afraid if it would be animal’s name 🙂  It is not! What a relief…and I like the meaning of my name.  I bet my parents did not know the meaning when they gave it to me, yet I am happy.

Lyn means from the lakeAnnie ~~like Anna~~ means gracious and merciful.  My husband, Hiras, means healthy.  My son, Jeremiah means God will uplift.

My brother, Fritz means peace ruler.  I wonder if it is related with his behavior to keep silent many times there were a possible conflict, to keep the peace? 😀  His wife, Joyce, means little lord.  I was thought Joyce means happy.

My sister, Luvita.  Quite difficult to find the meaning.  But, Lluvi itself means rain.  Her husband, Robin means bright fame.  Their children, Theo means divine gift and Darren ~~of unknown meaning~~ might come from Darrion that means upholder of the good.

 My other two sisters,  Debbie same with Deborah means bee ~~see…how the old-testament people given animal names to their children…~~ Laurite ~~again of my dad’s creativity~~ might be accordingly to Laurie that means Laurel.

My uncles children are Hannah = grace, Adrian = person from Hadria which is located in northern Italy ~~imagine that! Adrian is actually a person from Cililitan~~ , Arthur = bear ~~sounds cool…better than dog :)~~ and  Timothy = honor God.

My friends, Shanti means peace and calm.  Haha…that is good.  The two Santi and Santy that I know are peace and calm.  Susan means lily.  Lily of the valley?  🙂

One more thing.  I always thought that Damaris is a typical Batak’s name. See how stupid I was!  It is not, though many batak’s named their daughter Damaris.  Damaris means calf.

Check this: https://softlyslowly.wordpress.com/2009/09/15/whats-in-a-name/


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