Feel bit dizzy today.

Two weeks ago, one of my good-old-friend, Nel, send me an sms.  Said: Trouble in life, made people think.  Think made people wise.  Wisdom made people able to face the trouble in life.  He did send some thoughtful text before, but I never reply to it.  This time, the text made me think about him.  Does he really in trouble or what? Well, hope not 🙂 Yet the words comfort me, since, I was in trouble myself.

So, I decided to reply to it last saturday.  I had to admit that I am not good in creating wise words….I just send a famous quote. While sending it, I then strongly feel that I will need to make a call and remind me to send an email to him on the next monday.

Sunday, out of no plan…I meet Nel! Seem like he just appear from nowhere, be there while I was there.  So, what about the thinking, the feeling and the plan? I somehow dont understand on how the world are linked…

Well, let me share another story.

Many years ago, while I was still in the university, I was working together in a student organization with this special friend.  One wednesday morning, I heard a news, that he returned home because her mother passed away.  I was waiting for him to back to the campus before the break, to say goodbye, but I did not see him.  As usual, I went to the church.  While I was sit down, feel bit lonely and missed him, suddenly I saw him came forward and sing with another four friends. 

Odd, just recently, I had the very same experience.  Same scene, different cast.  I somehow dont understand how the world linked…


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