Un-human Department

Since the first day I re-enter this office, I always had this uneasy feeling about them.  Aaah! Lets counts the sins! 😛

Number one.  First day of work.  Ask of this question: “Why you are so fanatic about this office, makes you in and out, enter and re-enter, keep coming back?” Well, the question itself is nice if not seeing the gesture and the tone that heard as, “Dont you know we dont like you, why you insist on coming back?” I then replied: “Was not exactly like that…” while whisper inside my heart: “This is the only office ever where I could easily get a  job!”

Number two. In a data-entry project. (gee…imagine the difficulties I had to face just for simple work) Insist me for a commitment. “Would you please ask your boss of your commitment to this project.”  My replied: “I dont need to ask him, he trust me enough and gave freedom for me to be creative.”  Sure that is not what she expect to hear make the following scene worse..

Number two-b. Telling me that I have no commitment to work since I was not offer my time for overtime on Sunday. (Why in this easy world I have to overtime on Sunday? Particularly if she is not asking?).  Shen then point that her expectation was that high (about her head) and my achievement is this high (about her hips).  A very very nice lady to work with!

Number three. Someday in the beginning of the year.  Whenever I took some shared food, he always gave a particular look…and comments. “Well, Dont you know white bread will make you gain fat?” or “Why you take so long to decide? These all are unhealty foods.”  In matter of fact, he took a big portion of those white bread the unhealthy food himself.

Number four. Everyday now. Whenever he pass my desk, he will take a time to scan my monitor, to find what I do.  Many times, I look straight to his eyes, a gesture to let him know that I do know what he is doing.  He still did that, though.

Number five. My boss asked me to ask him of something.  He decided to give me hard time, by mumbled of how busy he is, and how disturbing my request was. I just need two names, he gave me two web-links (that I dont necessary need).   A very very helpful man to deal with.

I can count to ten, even twenty and more…hahah! Yet, the fact that they are the leaders of this department particularly called a human resources department is the most unacceptable things.  How come they so un-human? 


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