Sharing Secrets

There are two people in this world that I now trust my deepest secret heart.  Santy and Susan. 

I knew Santy since year 2001, and ever since I always shares my feeling with her.  Mostly are the un-happy ones, and particularly I share with her my marriage life. 

As a pastor wife, it is very difficult for me to talk to people about my life and my home. As it is very difficult for me to choose a close friend among the church members.  Among the reasons, if I choose someone, the other church member might get jealous to her or address a critic toward me of unfairness.  And if I talk with them about my life, I mostly afraid that they might intrepret it wrongly, as they might think that a pastor’s home is supposedly be a perfect home.

So, in my small-circle of friends, I choose to talk to Santy.  Though, she is a moslem and I am a christian, and though she is more cheerful and less agressive than me, our view on seeing problems many times are the same.  

Just recently, I decide that I would like to share with Susan.  Though I just knew her for a few months, with many likeness, I feel comfortable with her.  We both took Accounting as our major in the University, both have one child, both like Marga T, an Indonesia famous author, and much more.

She might not know that what I told her was not what I told everybody, as she also might not know yet that I am actually a closed personality.  Well…

In these terrible time, their presences are my comfort.  I feel so different after I was able to share and talk with them.  Feel much light and blessed that I still have friends.


2 thoughts on “Sharing Secrets

  1. ….you are blessed because you have what people said, a true friend !

    I believe she has a mutual feeling toward you otherwise she wouldn’t be so freely sharing her secret thoughts too…

    I believe she felt so ‘click’ to you as most of times she found herself so rilex & at ease while meeting & chatting with you…

    I believe she really enjoyed interacting with you where she can just be herself, no need even to think of filtering or screening things to be said out…

    I believe she treasures her friendship with you so much as you have come to be a someone special in her friend-list…

    I believe she is so fortunate because you are her friend…

    That’s what I believe as a true friendship !

    Much thoughts…

  2. Ussy just released a song:

    Ku memang punya trik
    ~~which I prefer to change to: Trik is old-fashioned way for me, I am not using it anymore~~

    Buat Kau Klik

    Dengan Diriku

    Bukan Dengan Magic

    Cuma Asik

    Saat Bertemu…
    ~~which I prefer to change to: always in my mind though I sometimes seem too busy to chat!~~

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