Down the Hill

Yesterday, when I was washing clothes ~~dont ask~~ I got a phone call. One of my church member asking of what happened to his son.  Apparently, the son injured sometimes during the children class on saturday morning, made a pain-swollen in his head. The child admit that the offering car was hit him. 

The offering car is a plastic car-toy that we use to collect offering every saturday.  It was light, wont made a hard-head injured.  I believe it might happen another time, maybe while he was not in the class, having kind of fight with his friend, knock to floor or door or simply just being hit by an heavy object during the play.

During that long phone conversation, I got a feeling that the mother was blame me, as the children class coordinator, of that swollen head (or even caused that?by hit the child?) Perhaps, I was being sensitive.  Yet, I realize that being a discipline teacher to the children, might interpreted also as a rude one.  As if it is possible for me to hit a child. 

I also had to admit, that the swollen-head boy was not my favorite.  He was naughty.  Disturb another children, hit some of them, or just caused them injured. If he was the most talented singer or what, I might take an advantage from his behavior.  But, he is kind of silly, un-active and slow in the class.  See how difficult for me to like him.

Once, my son was bit by him.  When I found that my son had this blue mark on his hand, there was not a word to his mother I said.  Those facts made me had a reason to hit him and caused that swollen head, is it?  Again, I might over-sensitive on the phone-call.

Then, I learned that a family that was not attended the church for about a month had another complain.  They dont come to the sermon of heartache toward me.

See, one day I told their boy to come inside the church.  The point is, if you come to church, come inside and attend the sermon.  What the necessary being outside and chit-chat during service, while we will have all afternoon after that to chit-chat?  So I tell the child, if you are in the church, come inside and be blessed by God’s word.  They have another opinion, I guess.  And blame me of that sticky message.

It is hard being a Pastor-wife? Yes, it is harder being a pastor wife who also a children ministries coordinator, the one who play the piano, the one who arrange the youth program, the one that teach, the one that preach, the one that has to be present almost on all activities…while I feel angry like this.


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