Always Need Friends


My husband has two close friends that he meet regularly, at least once in every two weeks.  They spend time wondering Jakarta around, to their favorite places, together from morning to evening.  Sometimes, there is no particular occassion or needs.  Just hang around.  I wonder how they could stand that over these years…

I realize that I ‘lost’ most of my small-circle of friends since I got married eight years ago.  Those friends that used to be my daily circumstances, changed to home and child.  I start to feel lonely.  Hardly have time for myself, to do what I like to do, nor to keep in touch with my friends.  My life is work-home-church hectic activities.  Up on my loneliness, time to time I try to make a contact to them, pass a news or two, chit chat a bit.  But, as years pass by, our relationship become more and more like hi-and-goodbye than be friends.

I then start to be jealous to my husband.  He was so lucky to have friends, compare that I have not.  When I rely that to him, strangely he doesnt felt that lucky.  He just accepts it for granted. Gee..

I always need a friend.  That is true that God is my friend.  Yet He is the best friend ever, He is not the one I would be able to chit-chat of fashion and shoes.  My husband kind of friend of me, but sometimes he just not able to understand my feeling toward things, and not the best person to shop with. 🙂 

Now I am finding new friends.  I met Susan and Fiary (and some other girls) sometimes ago through a mailing list.  Suddenly of our first chat, I feel a strong binding to them.  They are nice and funny, cheer me up and move beyond an invisible talker to friends. Deep inside me, I dont feel so lonely anymore.


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