Was There

I visit my old school yesterday.  The building of the school , a shared building with another high school, stands not changed over these years.  Slight change,  actually, considering the paint of the windows and doors.  I always like an old building.  This school eventually one of my favorite.  Though many rumor said there are ghosts there…

I took sometimes to take pictures and observe the changes.   The mumble conversation heard from the classroom, the open hall, the stairs, and the nuance of the offices feel the same for me as twenty years ago.   I once was a part of this building, and a part of the activities.  I was one of those students who wears white and grey uniform, run from one classroom to another, from laboratory to library, try to absorbs as much knowledge as I can.  Confidence and high hopes was on my way, while not realizing that a certain destiny is on the sideways. 

Deep sigh!  


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