Memorable Wedding

I attend two wedding in this past two months.  Well, I am not kind of person who like to attend a wedding.  Not because I dont like those love and binding ceremony, but mostly because I don’t feel comfortable wearing a formal dress and has to be in a situation where I had to fight just for a bowl of food! Arrrhh…tell me, how many times that you are in kind of polite queue on a wedding reception? Particularly in situation when dine-time is late of late arrival of the bride add by those long remarks?

Ehm, I am not going to talk about that indeed.  I just want to share how I feel blessed with these two weddings! 

Dewi’s Wedding was the best I ever experience in my life, consider to the food! Dewi’s parents are our church members. The wedding was held in Setiabudi Church in Bandung.  The church was decorated nice, and the flowers are pretty.  Four little girls brought the flowers, and three-pair of bridemaid-groomsman waiting for the bride in the aisle.  The singers was nicely sang some song in English, but the parents was not left a detail: a song in Batak’s language…

 flower_girls.jpgflower_girls.jpgflower_girls.jpg dewi.jpg 

They was not held a traditional wedding as usually done by a batak family.  Yet, the parents make a little ceremony at the reception, when they gave a traditional woven named ulos ~~which is quite expensive~~ for the newlywed, as a symbol of happiness and best wishes of the parents.

I did felt so touch by it. The parents, the newlyweds, and the invitee ~~who consist of family and friends~~ deeply understand the meaning of it.  Compare it my own wedding, when I felt lost in big space listening to a language and following a complicated ceremony that I dont fully understand.

More to it, the flow of the food are very good.  Usually, others that the main food served, there would be another side-dishes served, like ice-cream, satay, dim-sum and other kind of light-food.  Almost everytime, those kind of side-dishes dimished fast.  Dewi’s wedding was not that ‘everytime’.  The food is delicious, and until the last guest, they still able to have a zuppa-zuppa, pudding and ice-cream.  No long queue! 

I also observed that most people are family and friend. They held a close-warm-circle party which not only memorable for them, but also for me and other guests.

Yesterday, I attend Ayunda’s wedding.  Her family is a long-time friend of ours.  Her sister, Muriel, was the one who know exactly my teenager’s life! Haha! 

Well, Muriel told me once that she is about to own a wedding organizer herself.  I can tell you, she has the talent!  The wedding was unique.

Others just put a conservative pink and heart on the decoration, while they put these fishnet and green plant.  When others send two teens to lit the candles, they send the teens to fill glasses with sands and put a flower inside as the part of decoration.  When others use the hand-basket to keep flowers, their flowergirls use hand-bowl ~~geeh, dont know the name~~ When other groom was walk himself to the altar, Djamot was walked with his parents.  Who said only a bride need to be send to the altar? I totally agree with the idea.  No bridemaids and no groomsman.  Why not? I love that eventually.  What I love best is, Ayunda was not wear those conservative wedding dress….noted that at my wedding, many years ago, I did want to wear what she wears.  But, my mom didnt let me! Geee.

The reception was held by the church.  Only light-food kind served.  The guests are family and friends, and I know many of them.  That is kind of wedding that memorable.  Lovely and warm. 


Note: Need a wedding organizer? I recommend Muriel!

Did I tell you that the wedding was also held in Setiabudi church? As of the rising interest to use the church for wedding, I suggest strongly for the church to buy new piano…


One thought on “Memorable Wedding

  1. shalom

    nice blog

    i am worshipping in a church in kuala lumpur malaysia and will be in bandung in july.

    need some assistance in terms of transportation to a province in jawa barat

    appreciate if you could assist

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