How to handle a difficult person? Ignore!

I did ask myself this question before post the title: am I a difficult person?

I remember what one of my former boss told me on our last conversation before he moved to Geneva: “You are a friendly person, and if you put yourself in the work you are doing, the result always outstanding”  I somehow uneasy to admit that he is right about the the last part of the statement.  Blame my moody nature!

Back to the topic. I decided that I am not a difficult person.

The first day I return to my old office where I did work few years before, this particular person said : If the new-hire is to me to decide, I won’t hire you!  ~~what a rude saying to a new hire on a first day!

She didnt stop there, she asked me another question: How much is the salary of your husband? Are you the breadwinner in your house?

Recently she insist me on 25-minutes conversation about my commitment to work: Because you didn’t tell me that your schedule is change to be 9 to 5! Yet, she is the manager supposedly knew about it on the first instances didnt change underestimating attitude she made toward me.

Further to that, of my resisting behavior of not letting her micro-manage me she said: You have to be change, or you wont success in your life! ~~might out of frustration~~

Geee….sound like to a favorable person right?

How to handle her?

I seek advices from some people:

My husband said: Let her. Do whatever you can do, and ignore the behavior. 

My auntie said: Share it with friends then forget it.

My close friend said: What? Everybody had the same problem.  Just ignore.


Why not, doesnt seem to difficult for me! 


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