Not Easy

I am a pastor-wife?

How’s that make my life different?

Let me tell you.

I am no longer able to show all my expression openly.  I have to be very very careful to see whether what I say or even my body language would make other people offended.  Say that in my position, people are more sensitive.  What consider okey for a common member could consider not okey when goes to me.

I am no longer able to save sometimes off whenever I like.  No matter how tired or how much pain I felt, when the church member wants me to be present, I had to.  No excuse nor objectives.  Sometimes I tried to ‘run’ and their feedback could burn your ears.

I dont even able to claim my husband as mine.  When I am sick or lonely and want him around, I just had to let him go on his duties.

How do I feel about that?

Okay for me.  When there are no complaints.

Not okay for me.  When there a lot of complaints.


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