More About the Piano

After my father passed away, my mom decided to move to Bekasi. I asked her, whether I can keep the piano for me. Consider that nobody else in my family could play ~~play it professionally I means, not only play it for themselves~~, and think that I would only choose that piano as an inheritance from my father, a memory that he was the one that gave me the opportunity, through willingly pay for my expensive courses which enable me to achieve this far.

In the beginning my mom said yes.

But, when the piano arrived, she then said NO!

Reason: my youngest sister is about to take a piano lesson, and she thinks that she also would take a piano lesson.

I was a teacher for more than ten years to know that they wont never be a good student yet a good pianist. If, my sister is about to seriously learn, she had to do that years ago, when my father still alive and when she won’t be busy with works.

Well. I finally manage to buy my own piano, two years after that.

When I graduated from the University, as a senior class we were asked of kind contribution for the university. Most of the senior class member didnt care enough and just pay their shares. The class-president then decide that the senior class will contribute a roadway to the married-student-housing ~~he was a married student himself~~. I care enough to realize that a roadway was not a need. In matter of fact, the university’s chapel would need a grand piano. When I gave the suggestion, nobody vote. Instead, they look at me as if that I was a loony.

Two years after that, the university then bought a grand-piano for the chapel.

Upon seeing that new grand-piano, I was really wanted to play. The sound suits the size of the large chapel. Eversince, I never had any opportunity to play, until few months ago I was assigned to play on vesper time at a ministrial meeting. I felt so happy and relieved just by the sense and the touch of it. ~~Uptown??~~


One thought on “More About the Piano

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