Santi & Santy

I only have a small circle of friends. Though I considered myself as a friendly person, I dont have as many friends to proved. I am satisfied with what I had, think that maintain the relationship and share times with each one was already made my life busy.

Six years ago, I went back to JIS after four years. In my first time in JIS, I was working in Business Office. The work was not busy and I dont learn many, I also did suffer lots of heartache ~~let me tell you about that later~~ But the second time, I was working in the Curriculum Office, under a great understanding supervisor and together with two colleague-friends. One of them is Santy.

She is younger by three years from me, but we were able to share our views as well as our work. She then became beyond a collague and beyond just a friend, we did share our inner feeling, complaints and days-stories. Santy was my first tutor to web-design. We kind of behind-the-table person who enjoy-the-open-air. Our feeling to some certain person are almost the same. We also share the same problems toward our mothers. Best of our relationship was, for me, when I and Santy able to go together for a short trip to KL.

One of my point to return to JIS for the third time is Santy. I love to share things with her, and enjoy our friendship much. JIS won’t be an attractive place for me if Santy not there.

I met Santi when I worked for HKI six years ago. She was the other program officer that work from Jakarta to supervise the remote office in Lombok. She is older by four years from me, yet she look at me as the leader, since she easily lost her self-confidence of our boss’ comments. Our office in HKI was very busy, and I dont have a lot of time to chit-chat with other people from the other office. Santi was the one that help me in that. She has the patience to deal with those unbelievable-hard people, while I dont. Share the same office and work, we then share the same vision. I know I will never will able to finish any work if Santi was not there!

We really like the time to break from our busy office to sit and chat and try different restaurant around Kemang area. Though we are now not working together anymore, we still share the try-the-resto time.

So I now have two close-friend name Santy ~~or Santi…the pronouciation is the same, right?~~


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