An End

One thing that I ever so grateful in my life was the knowledge and opportunity I got when I join the programmatic research program named SUMMIT in year 2002.

The program was very tough. It needs all skills that I had and more beyond. I mostly developed my managerial and administrative skills at this period.

SUMMIT was where I learnt to overcome all my hesitate to call government’s high officers. In this country, those kind of people could not reach easily. If they had secretary, it might not only one person. I was having an experience of contact an office where there are four secretaries which not communicating to each other and most of the time was not in their office. Soooo difficult to get a satisfying answer from them. I decided then to call the Director herself. She sound uneasy with my call, but I need a quick answer….

SUMMIT was where I was busy and dont have any spare time for writing blogs, play with frienster, chat or some like that. The work itself was very demanding. Time to time as I go through the program, my responsibility never became easier but tougher, it is never ending activities and things to think about.

SUMMIT was my first contact to an awareness to public health, to mother’s and infant health and more. Beyond the knowledge and skills, I know that this is exactly what I ever wanted in life. A job that makes me learn something everyday, and a work that makes me growing each time.

SUMMIT was end.

I never really realize that the project was ended until yesterday.

The program director of SUMMIT is Dr. Anuraj Shankar. I always knew since the beginning that as a directory he is not a bossy man. I do appreciate that. To me he is a great director and mentor. The only thing that cause resentment to us, is his never ended questions that sometimes cause a frustration to those who unable to give a satisfying answer ~~not say a guilty feeling~~. I always like the way he explained things that enable me to understand better, but I could not stand the frustation in the air particularly in the office where a colleague ‘trapped’.

His wife, Dr. Anita Shankar is a smart women. Anita was the one that interviewed me for the job ~~that explain the simple and easy process… :)~~ She is a nice and helpful person that become another ‘spirit’ of the program. I also worked with Anu and Anita for another projects outside SUMMIT, and I found that each project I involved were rewarding.

This month, they are flying to Geneva for their new post in the WHO Office. I didnt attend the farewell dinner ~~soo sorryy~~ due to the evangelistic meeting. As I sat there, my mind recalled the SUMMIT, Lombok and the family and feel lost. For every beginning there will be and end. There will be another chapter for SUMMIT, but it will never the same without the Shankar’s.


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