No Need to Be Sound

Some of my experience working for programmatic research tahun 2004.

6 Maret 2004
I started think that I am a magician – solve everything, even read your mind! That is how I feel lately in the office. My load became heavy, as all kind of work then assigned to me. My boss said that is because other’s work (including Mita and Pak Jun) now mine.

One of my obstacle is phone follow-up and checking that makes me unable to understand the whole problem. For example: early morning I got a call from Lombok because there is no paper anymore (see…what kind of problem?). So, I instruct a petty cash send through BCA to buy papers.

In only within one hours, I got another call said that there is no printer toner available anymore. I called some vendor in Bali to have a quick shipment to Lombok. While I am still doing this, I got another call said that they can not execute a work due to no forms left.

Whatttt??? How come in one day every stock last? I draft a warning letter to the head of the department ~~an extra work~~.

From all kind of troubleshooting, I have to stay in the office longer than necessary since I have to call Geneva, France and US. Why is not Mita? Isnt these kind of calling work is hers? Hahh….did I tell you that I am a magician? At least I feel like one?

The only oasis is my boss agreed to give me raise. Though only 10%, not even able to balance the load, at least I feel happier.

19 Sep 2004
I did a long travel around Lombok to follow up the IFSF data or the mortality data. Since morning to afternoon take a ride in motorcycle to each villages said in the list. Last thing I want when I sit down in my office is un-valid password.

I called Richard and Acung ‘creator or trouble’, just to get a reply that I am un-authorized person. UN-AUTHORIZED.

Strange. They are part of administration team who felt that they know better than me? The one who make the plan and implement the IFSF works? I report to my boss, spend a lot of time emails dan calls to get kind of clarification on the un-authorized status. Though boss already email and called said so -Lyn is the program officer, have the right and so and so, please give access, she is the one responsible and coordinate this…Richard and Acung did not understand at once yet conduct the order! ~~do you think they have this language barrier or might need a dictionary?~~

After 6 hours, then I got access to two folders – Correpondence and Registration. What for? The most silly person on this program will understand that I dont need to access those files. What makes me crazy is, another staff that is new and dont know anything about data given access to all the data that I need. Fffuihhhh…..

Maybe the try their revenge and try to give me hard time? Once, I report to boss that I saw the Satpam smoked when I visit the office at 10pm. This office forbid any kind of cigarette, even the advertisement bilboard has to move from our front yard. Boss then email Richard hardly. Richard defenses the Satpam (and himself) saying that the regulation is no longer apply. This statement makes boss and even the country director more to angry.

Once, Richard also make a un-necessary attempt to the program. I request to boss on 10 new-hire. I did the test and interview accordingly then submit their name to the Finance for administration perusal. Then, Finance office called 16 people (without my knowledge). Who approve the 16? Richard! See, what do you expect? Boss will smile and say okay, or rain our inbox with his complain? ~~then I thought the finance officer is quite silly on asking the approval of IT manager for recruitment, as weird as Richard that not even feel that recruitment is not his business~~

The sad story continue to blood sample situation. These blood samples was put in two places, hospital and research office of the university. Those two places categorized as best in Mataram. But, after check, re-check, then I found out that the management of the samples was not well. Somehow, samples that should be put in deep fridge was store in common refrigerator, nobody taking the temperature, and they clearly not willing to help me pack these sample for ship to Jakarta. So, I did those all myself. Packing, handle dry ice, write the batch number en else.

No need to be sound.


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