I could be the weird here

25 Jan 2004

I worked as a Program Officer for a programmatic research targeted pregnant women in Lombok island. The program promotes the need of maternal care during pregnancy plus give kind of free supplements to those who are willing to participate in the program. There are two kinds supplements distributed, one with iron and folic acid ~~as government’s policy package advise~~ other with multivitamin. Both us or the women didnt know which they got. Later, we will draw a blood sample to explore whether mulvitamin gave better result to the health of the pregnant women.

My responsibility is to ensure that many kind of works related done well. For instance: for phase-in, we will need the number of pregnant women in the village, while we also need to arrange with the local people when the training for midwife could be conducted, while we also need to arrange a socialization event, and proposal for budget, while also some others work to ensure there will be a community facilitator, there will be enough supplement in the stock, there will be an officer handle the distribution etc. Imagine how complicated it is.

That daily routines was not including troubleshooting ~~somehow the training postponed or what. Everyday is a extra-extraordinary busy day. Calling Lombok back and fort, checking data, analysis, new decision every few minutes….men…..

I worked together with a colleague, Santi. If, I then more agressive ~~eh ehm~~ and always try to perfectly keep everything in the timelines, Santi more flexible. She is very helpful when I need a help with administration department that never has any documentation, or to negotiate with the finance department that could never accept a sudden notification, or with IT department which might think that they are the most needed department in the world and not so helpful to us.

But in my office, there was not only Santi, there are Pak Jun and Mita. Pak Jun supposedly responsible with procuerment. But, others that busy all around the city find a better price, he mostly sit in front of the computer. He even rarely use the phone. That is might related with the outstanding of invoices up to 60 million rupiah that he was not able to fix, though he take documents and laptop home. I can not ask him anything actually. If I apparently too much on asking…he then become nervous and spend more time to sit outside for cigarette. When my boss asked him about the data of purchasing, then the same pattern of endless computer search and mumbled happened.

Mita is another weird. She is the secretary to my boss, which actually has to take care the Director’s schedule, meeting, transportation etc. But, mostly she did is trying to intervene my work (or Santi’s), and talk here and there ~~an activities that I and Santi were impossible to do due to our busy tasks~~

One day, I asked Mita to issue me a ticket, because I assigned to go to Lombok. But, even up to one day I had to go, she did not buy any ticket. When I asked her, she reply with : Cek again with boss, I am afraid that it will be cancelled. Cancel? What does she talk about? Then Santi booked me a ticket ~~which was pricey of sudden reservation~~.

Another time, I informed Mita, “Mbak, this person from UNICEF would like to arrange a meeting with boss. Please take care.” Then she reply: “Well, because he called you, you arrange.” Oh mann….she is really trying my patience. She spend almost an hour just to say hi with everybody in Lombok, while we need the line to confirm the activities. Then, out-of-dont-know-where she announces that she was not willing to take care secretarial duties anymore ~~not a secretary? so what is her?~~

While we also need another department like IT and Logistic, I wonder why Pak Richard the manager never could be able to help us. Sooo difficult to find him on his desk or to have his hp on.

Many of these weird guys could be found around. But, then I think. Maybe for them, I am the one who weird?


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