Drip in the Dessert

12 September 2004

The last step on the supplementation program in Lombok. Most of the staff is quit, and only some remains stay. I have to stay in Lombok more. This last two months, I only went back to Jakarta because of the meeting and I want to take Kekel to Lombok.

Though, the load is kind the same. Everytime I work from 8 to 8, am to pm. The troubleshooting is not so complicated anymore, since I check all availability and plan everyday. Nobody could go home without report to me. Yet, I was doing everything by myself, I still feel the hassle….and lonely. My morning and night was to swim in the pool and beach.

One night, I got a bright idea (yeeeee…..). After watched the final of Indonesian Idol (then was between Joy and Delon), I order a taxi to Lembar harbour, about half-hour by car from Sengigi.

By 11:30 I reach the harbour, and get to the ferry that would sail on 12:00. Maybe people bit confused on seeing me, a woman, alone with backpack in the midnight in Lembar? I were save though, nobody disturb me, not even say anything. Some ship worker offer me their room for some prices, but I feel saver sleep in the chair than in the room. When I choose the chair, the situation is quite, but when I wake up around 5 am, many people are around. Everybody sleep.

Reach Padang Bai, I take a bus to Kuta. About an hour travelling. I spent sometimes in Kuta, in and out of shops, buy a swimwear, and then went to Sukowati for more..and more..shopping.

Four pm in the afternoon then I went back to Lembar. PadangBai-Lembar took 5 hours. I carry one backpack before ~~and not full~~, later my backpack was full plus another shopping bags. I arrive in Sengigi aroung 10pm.

When I came back to the office, people asked: “Did you spend you sunday in the beach? You look dark!” Ooh yes, I spend my time in Kuta beach…not in Lombok, but in Bali. 🙂 And, of course I got darker, since I spend almost everyday on the road…

Feel fresh that morning!


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