Losing Temper

Do I easily lose temper? I think I am not. Among thinks I am.

Check this: One day Among and Kekel admitted to the hospital. They stay in the same room, due to the same diagnose ~~varicella. First Class room though, only has two beds.

Then, we I carry a blanket to stay overnight together with Kekel and Among, the Satpam yell at me, “Maam, you can not take those upstairs.” I said: “Why? My husband and my son stay in one first class room and I need to stay with them tonight.” The Satpam yell again: “Nobody could stay here during night!!” I started to get angry since he did not polite yell at me in front of everybody there, yet there is a card stated that one person could accompany the patient during the night. How the regulation suddenly change in the hand of the security officer? ~~later, the security admit to nurse what he said was wrong. So….??????~~

My first ever question ~~and only~~ Do I have a right to be angry and defense my right?
My answer, Yes. Among’s answer, No.

Another case: one day I want to buy a martabak ~~those pancake kind yummy thing~~. After I ordered, I went to another hut to buy fried chicken. After 30 minutes, I went back to the martabak hut, and asked of the progress. The young women there reply: after this maam, while she pointed to the baking pan. So I wait. But, then I learned two times after the martabak done, they always gave it to another people. Then I asked: “Loh…why you gave it to others?” The young woman reply: “Maam you have to queue, you just come, they already wait for 15 minutes? Whatttt???? I tried to explain that I already order more than 30 minutes ago. Maybe because she already forget my order, better than admit the mistake, she would feel better on defense herself so hardly and insist that she just saw me a minute before.

My question: Do I have the right to be angry?

Pertanyaan utama gw: Tidak berhak-kah gw untuk marah?

My answer:Yes. Among’s answer: No.


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