Not Natural

31 Okt 2002

Among all of my stressfull days, I try to discuss with Among what I feel and asked him to talk to my mom to cooperate.

But, strange to me, Among then said that I suppose to understand and show my respect to mom. Because, dont care of how bad she treated us, she still the mother.

Okay, wait a second, did Among experience these things? :

1.After graduate from the university asked to stay home teach piano and get married. No need to continue to master degree.
2. While asked for support to take master degree, the answer was “Will you able to?”
3. Everytime I return from campus or rental house, I then functioned as the maid that clean the house, sweep, clean the windows, take care of the dogs etc?
4. I pay half of my wedding expenses from my saving, but mom tell everybody that she paid for all!
5. She promised to give the piano to me, but then she cancel that with the reason that Lorit will take piano course.

Is it not natural for me that I feel so unfair and unhappy treated by my own mother these years?

According to Among, that was not.


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