I Am The One Who Pay The Salary

29 Okt 2002

Time of moving out Mom to Jalan Jeruk. The moving itself is a good but the adverse effect makes me crazy.

First, all kind of things, not-clear-whether-will-still-of-use-or-not put everywehere. When you open the door, you can not reach the kitchen without bump on clothes, towel, books and else which everywhere.

Second, Idah ignore all my order. I asked her to wash Jeremi’s milk bottle, while suddenly Lorit tell her to cook instant noodle. The stupid then cook and ignore the milk bottle that has not done yet, and ignore Jeremi’s cry.

I asked her to boil some water for the milk, when suddenly Lorit order her to iron her shirt. Idah then did the iron and let the water boil until dry on the stove.

Worst of all, Kekel felt so hot, I can not asked Idah just to shower Kekel or do something for Kekel. She prefer to go back forth to Jalan Jeruk on moving things out ~~means: move things that they might need there and left or bring those they dont need here~~

I do got bad headache of stress and anger. I AM THE ONE WHO PAY IDAH’S SALARY!!!


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