Be Patience

30 Okt 2002

When I woke up around 11pm, Kekel and Among already asleep, I thought, why the house so quite? Then I check, mom and Lorit and Idah not around. I call the house in Jalan Jeruk and accept a un-kind answer that Idah will stay overnight in Jalan Jeruk. What for? Why didnt they tell us, so we can lock the door in our house. Do they intend to let us sleep while everything un-lock risk us to the thief or else? Oohh please, I can not stand this anymore. Mom then said Lorit has not arrived yet. So? if she was about to stay in Jalan Jeruk, why we had to wait for her?

Then, I lock the gate and the door. Just about 15 minutes, somebody knock the gate. What it is now? Lorit was in front of the gate said there was no water in Jalan Jeruk. So? That is my fault, she has the right to disturb me and blame me on that?

Who will responsible if my son got sick live in this stove-like-hot house? I return from work late afternoon to find the door lock, Jeremi’s shirt has not iron yet, dishes from breakfast still in the sink, the dining table filled with dusty dont-know-what…and after I did all these job that supposedly is Idah’s job, they blame me of no water run?



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